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It use to bother me really badly when people talked about slavery and christianity being the “white man religion,” that was taught to us. It bothered me cause it challenged my faith in God. I guess if I had to identify with a religion it would be Christianity seeing that that was how I was raised. But as I heard more conversations and begin to understand not just religion but God myself, I figured out that these people were not implying that there wasn’t a God or higher power just that the story wasn’t neccesarily true in the ways we were taught by slave masters because they changed the meaning of the bible and let’s not forget those books that were left out. I don’t really believe in religion per say more of a person’s own personal relationship with God or a higher power whoever that may be. All of them teach of morality, and just being a good person overall, and if more people followed those examples instead of arguing over which one is right or wrong then the world wouldn’t be so corrupt today. I think God is however you in your world see it.

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